Michelle kliman is

I am a Chicago-based Designer, Maker, and Artist with close to a decade of experience in the product design industry in both hard and soft goods. After designing for companies such as Martha Stewart Living, TAG Ltd., and Walgreens, I have started my own label — MK Surface — which combines my love of pattern and color, my wide knowledge of fabrication techniques, and my passion for making, to create surface designs that inspire, transform, and spread joy.

With years of experience on the product design and development side of the industry, I have a unique insight and skill set to design on-trend patterns and illustrations which are engineered for many surfaces and materials and are formatted for easy use by any in-house design team.

I have both a craft-based and concept-driven arts education, first with a BFA in Furniture Design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and then an MA in Textiles at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. I have been able to combine my passion for form with my love of surface to build a stronger, more rounded design approach with the ability to work across disciplines and design for many sides of the industry.

I am always looking at nature, architecture, light, outer space, fashion, people, objects, materials, surfaces, textures, and colors. I have traveled around the world and have found inspiration in the amazing things I've seen and people I've met — and I bring all of that inspiration, passion, and knowledge to every project.