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Whether it's creating original artwork or providing other freelance design and consulting services, MK Surface is here to make your life easier. Take a look below to see the many ways that I can assist you and your in-house design team.


original pattern & illustration

Looking for fresh, new artwork for your products? I have hundreds of designs in my surface catalogue that are ready for you and your team to use. Or, I can create new, custom artwork just for you. I work in a wide range of mediums, styles, techniques, and subject matter and across a variety of industries —home decor, fabric, interiors, paper, and so much more. Click here to tell me about your project needs and request access to the surface catalogue —I'd love to hear from you!

Because I know that every company has a different way of working that works best for them, I offer three different options for using my artwork —royalty-based licensing, flat-fee licensing, and full buyout. I break down the options below:







I provide certain copyrights to the client for use of my artwork on their products. The client pays me a percentage of the sales to use the artwork(s) for a specific product type, geographic area, and length of time (e.g. ceramic mug, USA, and one year). I retain all copyright ownership of any licensed artwork. Royalty rates range between 3% to 15% depending on the market, quantity, etc.

The contract is the same as a royalty agreement with specifications on what products the artwork will go on, where the products will be sold, and a time frame for usage of the artwork.  As the artist, I still retain full copyright, but, instead of a royalty-percentage of the sales, the client pays a flat fee upfront for the rights to use the artwork.

Purchasing a full buyout means I transfer all copyrights of an artwork(s) over to the client. The client receives legal ownership of the artwork(s) and is free to use it however they want and for all future purposes. Prices vary and are dependent on the complexity, medium, and technique of the artwork.

Have questions? Just ask:) I am happy to work with you to create a licensing or

purchasing arrangement that works for us both!

design & consulting

Need more than art? Aside from my main surface design and pattern business, I also make myself available for freelance work as well. These design services do not include creating original artwork* but do include:

artwork modification

Own or produce your own artwork? I can create new layouts for application on a wide variety of product types, put artwork into repeat, provide digital editing, and more.


product design

Looking to develop new products? I can design new and custom 3D shapes for home decor in ceramics, metal, glass, acrylic, wood, and more.

creative direction

Need help generating ideas? I can provide trend research for your collection, moodboards for design teams, presentations to clients, product ideas, and full collection development.


graphic design

Need a graphic artist? I can help with catalogue layout, website design, marketing materials, and more.

tech drawings

Working directly with vendors? I can create technical drawings for production of textiles and hard home products in a variety of materials.


Need help with branding? I can design logos and brand identities for small businesses. *Ownership rights for final designs would transfer to the client.

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